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Gaia necklace

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«Gaia» necklace is constructed by sterling silver 925 and two silver “star” motifs. The gemstone is a natural blue copper turquoise, also known as Persian blue stone, 6×8 mm oval shaped gemstone. 
Turquoise is an opaque mineral that is a blue, pale blue-green, or greenish.
The name Turquoise comes from the French term “Pierre turquoise” which means “Turkish stone” in light of the fact that trading exchange routes that brought Turquoise to Europe from the mines in focal Asia pass by Turkey, and Venetian dealers frequently obtained the stone in Turkish bazaars. The Arabic name of the stone, “Fayruz” means “Fortunate Stone“.
Every piece may vary a bit, since it is handmade and gemstones are natural and genuine.

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sterling silver 925, gemstone: blue copper turquoise 6×8 mm oval shaped. 


Length of necklace : 40cm, length of chain extension: 5cm

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